Wood Stone Ideas Introduces a New Green Way to Capture, Store and Reuse Heat as Energy.

Wood Stone Ideas, is proud to introduce the Green Integrated Building System, a new green way to capture, store and redistribute building energy again and again, for cost savings and environmental benefits…

Now that partnership, called Wood Stone Ideas, is proud to introduce GIBS, a new green way to capture, store and redistribute building energy again and again, for cost savings and environmental benefits.

This new system can capture heat from a variety of sources — for example, a restaurant ventilation system — and transfer that heat by means of a new, proprietary thermal fluid. The system uses this heat as an energy source to help heat and store water, ready to be boosted to higher temperatures for hand washing, dishwashing, even space heating.

This boosting is achieved by another proprietary innovation of the system, compact Ohmic heating units that electrically boost water temperature at multiple points-of-water-use. By capturing heat from multiple sources, reusing it in multiple ways, and boosting water temperatures only as needed, significant energy savings and environmental benefits can be realized by restaurants, hotels and other facilities.

For any new or retrofit project, a customized Green Integrated Building System can be designed and installed by connecting a core package of proprietary components to existing appliances using off-the-shelf piping and parts. In fact, some portions of the system, including the point-of-use thermal boosters, will soon be available for beta-testing.

Wood Stone Ideas estimates that the cost of the system can be recouped from the energy savings in three to five years, based upon 20-30% annual savings. And many installations will qualify for green-energy grant funding in states across the U.S. More information and updates for kitchen planners, architects and contractors will be available at woodstoneideas.com.Components in the WSI system fall into three main categories:

  • Capture
  • Storage, and
  • Reuse of heat as energy. System controls can be on-site or remote, via Internet.

Patents pending: Wood Stone Ideas development in all of these areas protected by U.S. and worldwide patents filed in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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