Wood Stone Ideas (WSI)  announces the application of Ohmic Steam Technology in two new countertop steamer products; a Multi-Tray and Reservoir Steamer. These new products use unique ohmic technology to generate steam to use energy more efficiently while reducing maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Ohmic heating technology with metal and graphite electrodes has been used in the preparation of foods such as milk and fish products, stews, soups and many other products for many years. Until recently, very little had been done in commercial foodservice to improve heating technology. The heating technology used in the WSI products blends well known ohmic techniques with unique patented and patent pending features that make its application in foodservice very user friendly and economically beneficial.

Multi-Tray and Reservoir Steamers

The Half-pan Portion Steamer has a large capacity water reservoir to reduce the nuisance of running out of water during busy times. The water reservoir allows you to see the water level at all times, and when a refill is needed it simply lifts off to be filled at a nearby sink. Condensed steam and cooking juices conveniently drain to a collection pan which can be removed from the front of the unit for easy clean-up. No more messy flash plates to deal with. The removable water reservoir automatically feeds water to an ohmic steam generating component. Steam cooking is accomplished via continuous steam generation for up to 99 minutes. Unlike “flash” steaming, there are no interruptions to the steam so food receives more steam more quickly. The saturated 212F steam keeps food moist and tender, and thawing food product can be accomplished very quickly. There is no flash plate below the steam pan to burn on food juices and drippings. Another benefit to Ohmic steam is if the water reservoir runs dry, the steamer will shut itself down safely without the need for a hi temperature cutoff switch. The operator will be notified with an alarm and blinking ‘H2O’ on the display.

Ohmic Steam Generation

Steam is generated in both models of steamers by Ohmic heating technology with issued and pending patents. The technology was developed by Ideas Well Done, LLC and is owned by Wood Stone Ideas. The technology does away with traditional problematic electrical elements. The electric circuit is completed by the water’s ionic content: the water’s conductance conveys current between graphite (carbon) electrodes, and the water’s resistance creates heat in the water molecules. Heating is volumetric (all the molecules heat at once) and energy is converted at a theoretic 100% (with minimal loss to the insulated container). The speed of energy conversion eliminates the need for a flash plate or a constantly heated water supply to generate steam, saving a lot of energy and related costs. Because there is no flash plate or boiler temperature to maintain with an Ohmic steamer, there is virtually no idle energy usage. Just the LED display and lighted power switch. No energy is used until a cooking cycle is initiated.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike a traditional heating element, no component gets hotter than the water, eliminating efficiency-stealing lime build-up on heater parts. There are no deliming or related service problems. Dissolved solids that precipitate out of hard water have no effect on steam generation.and can be removed with scheduled maintenance,

Ohmic heat technology saves money by eliminating 99% of idle energy, reducing clean-up labor and maintenance time and money. The cost of operating this portion steamer over flash plate technology or traditional boiler technology will repay the purchase price in a period of a few months.

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